ÜnLoCo is me!

Hello this is ÜnLoCo (from planet earth in case you’re an alien ;))

Since i got my first computer i had this urge to break things apart

open every file with notepad, (yeah even movies which leads to a total freeze)

and the registry has always been my favorite toy…

anyway, it all started when my friend “SnaKe” suggested we download visual studio

it all began as fun but the passion started …

then came the passion of the internet and thanks to the only forum i knew since then

Tunisia-Sat is my one favorite forum that helped me get here

i learned to improve and still ..

anyway .. here are a bunch of programs and addons that you might wunna try 😉


FireFox Addons

enjoooy 😀



  1. smooh said,

    well !! I am not surprised, I had a chance to see some of your work bro in tunisia-sat. .. and let me tell you this: you have both ; talent and hope… keep moving forward .. god bless 😉 your friend smooh

    • Mohamed said,

      Thanks a Bunch ! Bro. That’s So Encouraging
      Btw I Liked That Attitude back home at the forum 😉

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