Save your fox!


This utility, as it might sound, can really save your firefox settings and data

so in case you have ran into probs or formatted .. you can make useful the backup made with this software

and get your navigator back

so the program allows you to save and restore your firefox at any time

you can even share your copy with a friend so he can use all your addons and stuff

but this is not yet recommended as your cookies (accounts – passwords .. ) are also there

Save Your Fox!

Save Your Fox!

as you see the main window is pretty light and too simple

user files” here means your addons, bookmarks, cookies and history

i wanted to go deeper and set some options to the user like some checkboxes and everything

so that he can coose exactly what to back up but ..

maybe next version

the backup file is an ffx file (i came up with the extension, never mind)

this file can always be opened by winrar or winzip or whatever can open a zip extension file.
you can try it here



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